Follow Simple Steps

Working on Digital should be same wherever it is located as office works as using same tools getting into online with colleagues who never need to be at same office. We are building Virtual Office for that you can work after OJT.


How it works


  • Simple DIY method to join our basic network to prepare NEXT STEPS.
  • Your coach will lead you to lift upper level of our network starting to work Virtual Office.
  • There are so many ways to lift up Annual Income that you mostly want
  • We need countless COACHS to train for building membr's own online networks to collaborate building online network teams.
  • Find your Community to join will lead you easier collaborate to build your Online Community working together!

Your values for our Networks

You never need to change your every movement to detailed system the most online programs ask for better financial situations that looks complicate to the beginners. You only need to use our Networks as same as you are using other networks anyway to set futured lifestyle!


Welcome to Do Work From Home Online Network!

You've discovered the simplest gateway to shape your future digital life with us. At Digital Nomads Institute, we offer a range of courses designed to elevate your current situation and enhance your lifestyle within our clever networks. We've made everything as straightforward as possible, free from unnecessary obligations. You can begin your journey with a $0.00 start or choose a membership level that aligns with your current needs.

This platform is proudly developed and managed by Manhattan Webtech Corporation of New York City. Our initial plan to build a Cyber Dynasty just before COVID-19 shifted gears to confront the challenges of the times. Despite the hurdles, we've pivoted to construct a more powerful Global Network, simplifying the process every step of the way.

If survival is your immediate concern and you're unsure where to begin, explore our Surviving Member level. We're offering a tuition waiver for a year, allowing you to upgrade your membership whenever you're ready.

Manhattan Webtech Corp is actively establishing a Virtual Office to fortify our global network. We're on the lookout for countless remote employees, freelancers, and contracted remote workers. Candidates will undergo verification for our global tasks, ensuring they meet the criteria to contribute to our organization's annual revenues. We'll only hire or sign contracts with candidates who achieve at least half of the Average Annual Income of Digital Nomads.

Once you demonstrate your capabilities in building networks with us, we'll align your annual income with the Average Digital Nomad's Annual Income or higher. This positions you as Partner, a valued partner in our growing community.

Embark on this journey with Digital Nomads Institute, where simplicity meets opportunity. Your digital future starts here.

Unlock Your Future, Transform Your Career

    Before You Start Your New Journey with Us:

Understanding the Core Subjects of Do Work From Home online network Courses is Essential. We are Creating a Global Network VIRTUAL OFFICE to Serve and Build Our GLOBAL DIGITAL NETWORKS for Good Living Together. This entails creating Digital Neighbourhoods that focus on Comfort Living through IT, fostering Network Communities that require Countless Remote Workers globally for Manhattan Webtech Corp Virtual Offices.

These courses are an integral part of MANHATTAN WEBTECH CORP'S Head Hunting strategy for each Department. Participants are encouraged to prove their incomes and abilities, reaching at least 50% or higher of the Average Annual Incomes of Digital Nomads through these courses. We meticulously verify each member's eligibility to become a Partner Level worker in our Virtual Office through these courses.


Young Kid's Parents Trainees

Remote Worker Trainees

Web Technician Group

Employer/Resruiter Group